1. Introduction

Base Installation of CentOS Enterprise Linux Operating System

Note = NEXT Guide will install Apache2.2 / php 5 / MySQL 5

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  • Name          : httpd
    Summary    : Apache HTTP Server
    URL            : http://httpd.apache.org/
    License       : Apache Software License
    Description  : The Apache HTTP Server is a powerful,
                      : efficient, and extensible web server


PHP - HyperText Preprocessor 

  • Name          : php
    Summary    : The PHP HTML-embedded scripting language.
    URL            : http://www.php.net/
    License       : The PHP License v3.01
    Description  : PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language that allows developers to write
                      : dynamically generated web pages. PHP is ideal for writing database-enabled
                      : websites, with built-in integration for several commercial and non-commercial
                      : database management systems. PHP is often used as a replacement for CGI
                      : scripts.
                      : The php package contains a module that adds support for the PHP language
                      : to the Apache HTTP Server.



  • Name         : mysql-server
    Summary   : The MySQL server and related files
    URL           : http://www.mysql.com
    License      : GPLv2 with exceptions
    Description : MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server. MySQL is a
                     : client/server implementation consisting of a server daemon (mysqld)
                     : and many different client programs and libraries. This package contains
                     : the MySQL server and some accompanying files and directories.

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